Blog Post #2: The building Process

Think- Me and my partner each planned what we had to do. We both worked on the sketch which made us both happy about how it turned out. I got to decide what rooms i got to make and he decided what rooms he got to wired. We each brought something to help us construct our project.

Make- We both worked on our project together. We constructed a box with circuits. We cut our box to make it smaller, we taped the wires together, just overall it was kinda fun. The thing that was very frustrating about this project was the light bulbs. It was hard to find the right bulbs because some didn’t work because they were burned out. So we tested out a lot of light bulbs to see if they worked and eventually we found the perfect amount for our project. With the wiring it took us some time to figure out how to perfectly get them to touch and tape them together, We had a lot of test and had to redo each time we had a mistake. In our project we had two parallel circuits and one series.

Improve- Me and my partner had a lot of problems that happened to us. My partner was sick on the day of drafting but I worked alone on my part of the design. Later I sent him my part so he could finish his and we talked on how he should do it. So even when he wasn’t there we could still talk to each other online. During the building we gave suggestions on what to do and we focused on one thing at a time. Also if our battery didn’t work we tried another. If a bulb didn’t work we tried another. If nothing worked out we asked our science teacher to help us and our teacher helped us a lot.

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