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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” -Dr. Seuss

I really like this quote because the quote its self-seems very clever too me. What I think the quote means to me is when something bad or sad happened don’t be crying because you just left with a new experience. I think that’s great because new experiences are always amazing for your life.



This youtube video is probably one of the best videos I have seen on youtube. It’s a montage full of racist moments in sports history and it almost brought one tear to my eyes. Racism does happen around the world but it shouldn’t be in sports, sports is what gets everyone involved.

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This picture means a lot to me. When I use to live in Edmonton, this amazing location was very cool for me. It brings back some experiences from Edmonton which I miss a lot. Sometimes my family and I would go there for a couple of hours and relax. The scenery looks amazing too.


Instagram is probably one of my favourite socials media to go onto. This is where I can look at what my friends are doing, talk to my friends, look at trends and see what’s going on around the world. Instagram is great because I can easily get in touch with the world with a couple of clicks, which is amazing to me.

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    1. Hi Jonah,

      I have noticed that you haven’t edited your “About Me” page yet. Please have a look at the assignment page and follow the directions. You need a video, a quote, an image, and a link to your favourite website, as well as explanations for why these are meaningful to you. Please email me once you have made these changes so that I can reassess your page. Thanks!

      -Ms. Exley

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