Smart Device Idea

When identifying the problem, my partner and I had agreed that feeding our birds in the morning or refilling their food tends to be a bit difficult. We whether end up forgetting or we are simply a bit too lazy. We both have a pet bird that we own, so we can kind of relate when it comes to feeding them, especially in the morning. Of course, we can come home after school and feed them then, but I think that after school, most of us tend to be a bit lazy as well. Some of us just want to come home, finish homework, and then relax, and I don’t blame them because that is me and my partner as well. With this machine, it will really benefit us and any student or worker that owns a pet bird. It requires little to no effort to use, you just have to refill the food container once in a while, but it lasts longer than if you were to just refill the box or bowl that your bird eats out of.

What My Device Might Look Like

My partner and I have decided to make a bird feeder. Although we both do not own any of those materials to make it look as professional or as strong and sturdy, we have to work with the materials that we already have at our houses and make use with them. We have decided to mainly use cardboard for most of our machine instead of expensive pieces like metal. The cardboard will be the outside, as the space on the inside will mostly be taken up by a plastic bottle or container. The plastic bottle or container will hold the bird seeds that we will feed the birds and the rest of the space will be taken up by the Microbit. We have decided to add a light sensor so that it is able to detect sunlight, and when it does, the food will dispense on its own. We have thought about adding other things like sound, but we aren’t exactly sure yet.