About Me

Hello ! My name is Jolin, or just Lin; I like raccoons and art.

My favourite quote is “Dreams don’t work unless you do”

That is my favourite quote because you can’t achieve goals or dreams if you don’t push yourself to try to achieve them in the first place. If you want to achieve the goal or dream, then you have to work hard for it.


My favourite video is:

That is my favourite video because I love raccoons and I find them extremely adorable. I also found this funny because raccoons wash their food before eating it and these people gave them cotton candy and the raccoon tried to wash it but the cotton candy dissolved in water and it was very confused.

My favourite image is:

Related image

This is my favourite image because as I said earlier, I love raccoons and some people even have them as pets, I really want a pet raccoon.

My favourite website is:


This is my favourite website because I love art and fashion, and on pinterest, there is a lot of different kinds of art that is posted on there, made by different people. There is also a lot of fashion designs and outfit ideas that I find really pretty.


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  1. You have done a good job constructing your page and have integrated media and text quite well. Please start with a general introduction about yourself. Also, delete all the instructions from the original template.