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About Me


Hello! my name is Jennie, and I am from South Korea. I came to Canada with my five family members including me. Also, few days ago, I got an ivory Pomeranian dog, and we named it Mozzi. In free time, I usually draw an illustrations for my friends and family, or I just draw a random person that comes out of my mind. I really love to socialize and hanging out with my friends. Also, I love to learn new things about animals. I hope I make many memorable and fun moments in this high school. Thank you for reading! 🙂



“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

by Nelson Mandela

This is my favourite quote, because my teachers in the past always gave me really big projects or presentations that I have to do. It seemed very impossible at the first, but at the end I always finish it somehow. I can’t still believe myself that I finished it when I think back.



This is my favourite picture, because this is my dog named Mozzi. He always makes me always happy. Also, he cheers me up when I am having a bad day. I really recommend you to adopt a dog if you do not have any pet at your house or if you are thinking to adopt a pet.



This Video is a music video called SoulMate by Zico and IU. They’re both of my favourite rapper and singer. Also, I like how they made this music video.



Korean (LINE) webtoon site <Click Here

This is a Korean (LINE) webtoon site. I always enjoy viewing things that other people upload. It also gives me many ideas what to draw, write, etc. I usually view toons about school life.