Blog Post #1: Design and Rationale

In my group, I am doing the front door and kitchen. I chose to do in parallel circuit with two switch, so the bulb at the front door and the bulb at the kitchen does not turn off at the same time Also, you can turn off or on only for the one of the lights.

  • Bulb at the kitchen is 3.5 ohms /  2.57 current / 23.13 power.
  • Bulb at the front door is 10 ohms / 0.9 current / 8.1 power.


One thought on “Blog Post #1: Design and Rationale”

  1. Thanks Jennie for your post. The circuit looks good and well thought out. Please provide a copy of your schematic drawing as well so that we can see where the lights will go in your house.

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