My Employability Skills

Interpersonal Communication

Reflecting myself, what words can describe me the best.


Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Thinking and solving to unknot the arms.


Time Management

Thinking before I go up and write about words that describe me the best, so the next person would not wait long. Also, the class can end earlier.




Teamwork & Working in Diverse Environments

I would like to work on teamwork & working in a diverse environment because I am having a hard time to have a conversation with a stranger, unless they come and talk to me first, or when someone connects me and he/she/they together. To improve or practice, I should meet many people by joining clubs and work or volunteering. Also, try to talk to people first.

Blog Post #2: The building process

Day 1, November 22nd, 2018

Our group started to cut the wires with the wire cutter given and lights given to make a circuit for each of our floor plan. I needed two light bulbs on parallel circuit, so I connected it together wires. We did not brought and did not had much materials, so we worked on designing floor plan, and talked about how are we going to put the circuits on every room. Next day we all are going to bring all of the materials required and start making the rooms in the shoe box with some other boxes.

Day 2, November 23rd, 2018

We brought a lots of materials including the shoe box. Also, the teacher gave us more materials then last time. One person did the drawing the floor plan on the box, and the other two, including me, tried to make a parallel circuit. Also, we learned how the clips work as a switch. We pretty much finished making circuits, so on Sunday, we chose to meet and finish decorating and designing the house as much as we can, because we thought that we are not going to have enough time to finish in class time.

Day 3, November 25th, 18

We met in one of our group member’s house. We didn’t had the wire cutter, so we chose to work on the circuits tomorrow in class time. With styrofoams and some papers we had, we have made most of the furniture and some other decorations for the house. Tomorrow at school at lunch time and class time, we’re going to finish all of the works (finish touch with decorating and making circuits).

Blog Post #1: Design and Rationale

In my group, I am doing the front door and kitchen. I chose to do in parallel circuit with two switch, so the bulb at the front door and the bulb at the kitchen does not turn off at the same time Also, you can turn off or on only for the one of the lights.

  • Bulb at the kitchen is 3.5 ohms /  2.57 current / 23.13 power.
  • Bulb at the front door is 10 ohms / 0.9 current / 8.1 power.


About Me


Hello! my name is Jennie, and I am from South Korea. I came to Canada with my five family members including me. Also, few days ago, I got an ivory Pomeranian dog, and we named it Mozzi. In free time, I usually draw an illustrations for my friends and family, or I just draw a random person that comes out of my mind. I really love to socialize and hanging out with my friends. Also, I love to learn new things about animals. I hope I make many memorable and fun moments in this high school. Thank you for reading! 🙂



“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

by Nelson Mandela

This is my favourite quote, because my teachers in the past always gave me really big projects or presentations that I have to do. It seemed very impossible at the first, but at the end I always finish it somehow. I can’t still believe myself that I finished it when I think back.



This is my favourite picture, because this is my dog named Mozzi. He always makes me always happy. Also, he cheers me up when I am having a bad day. I really recommend you to adopt a dog if you do not have any pet at your house or if you are thinking to adopt a pet.



This Video is a music video called SoulMate by Zico and IU. They’re both of my favourite rapper and singer. Also, I like how they made this music video.



Korean (LINE) webtoon site <Click Here

This is a Korean (LINE) webtoon site. I always enjoy viewing things that other people upload. It also gives me many ideas what to draw, write, etc. I usually view toons about school life.

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