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Welcome to my blog readers and today we’re going to be talking about hockey! Hockey is a sport I’m really passionate about and I’ll tell you why. This way you can get to know me and my passions even better, so let’s begin!

There are a few things you should definitely know about hockey. Like a few of the terms, so let’s start with that. First term you should know is “draw” which is another word for face off in hockey. Second term you should know is “assist” which means a pass that leads to a goal. You gave someone an assist meaning you helped them score. Third term you should know is “pulling the goalie” this means that the team pulls their goalie from the ice. Switches the goalie with a skater so they can have more offensive attack to get a better chance to score.


Now that you know a few terms, let’s talk about some hockey history. There are actually various forms of hockey known by Persians, Egyptians, Arabs, Romans and so on. Because this game has been played all over the world, it doesn’t mean it’s been in the same form. Different cultures can suit the game to their people, making it more fit for their culture. Hockey is one of the earliest stick and ball games known to man kind. Definitely has grown through the years to becoming what it is today.

Since I’ve talked about hockey a little bit, let me tell you why it’s important to me. I used to play ice hockey when I was a kid, stopping in 5th grade. It’s really a game that you can’t play half way, when you play, you play with you’re whole heart. The game sucks you into this mindset making you’re team you’re family and scoring goals into life goals. When I played hockey it made me into a better version of myself. It’s a really special sport that includes using you’re heart and mind all at once. Gets you’re adrenaline going and a great way to exercise just as a plus. I really encourage everyone to at least try some form of hockey growing up. It can really be a game changer and affect you as a person yourself.

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