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Mac And Cheese-Off Reflection

Mac And Cheese-Off Reflection published on 1 Comment on Mac And Cheese-Off Reflection

This post is about a project that I’m proud of from my quarter 1 class. So I’m going to talk about my Mac and Cheese-Off Reflection. 

To start off with, I’m writing about this reflection project because I felt I did very well on it. Being able to put the reader in my eyes of how the cooking went. Also being able to talk about how we cooked the mac and cheese was enjoyable because I got creative. I liked writing about something I enjoyed doing with other people. What I’d do differently when if ever cooking it again. Or how do I think the cooking went with my group, are just great questions to be asked. We made a very delicious Mac and cheese. In my reflection I was also asked, was what challenges I faced and how the recipe turned out. All amazing but simple questions that I was able to answer very clearly. On this project reflection I got an 7/8 which I am very proud of.

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