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Commenting Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines published on No Comments on Commenting Guidelines

Hey everyone, it’s Jayden! Back here on this blog to talk about commenting guidelines. Commenting guidelines are important because they can keep a blog a safe place for the community. Also a better way to share ideas online while having fun and being safe. So let’s get started! 

First commenting guideline I want to talk about is keeping you’re comments short! 

– There’s really no need to be writing long, large comments on this blog. Simplicity is key to keeping a safe place online. Where we can all express each other and have a chance to be seen. This way I can go through all the comments you all are writing to me. Still be able to accept or respond to you’re comments/questions, here on my blog.

Second commenting guideline I wanna talk about is spamming! 

– Spamming is an important commenting guideline because it tends to get out of hand. Once again simplicity is key to keeping a safe online environment. Spamming can also seem very offensive if not done carefully so best to avoid it in general. Even spamming positive comments isn’t really ideal so let’s just stay away from spamming all together.

Next commenting guideline I’m going to talk about is being thoughtful about everyone’s work!

– When theres commenting, that means that everyone’s personal opinions is shared publicly. So we need to keep in mind that not everyone’s opinion will be anything like yours. Being respectful to others is very important on this blog. Anything other than thoughtful comments will not be tolerated because this is a safe positive environment.

Last commenting guideline is about me, how you should be thinking about what you say when it comes to my work! 

– Blogging isn’t easy, when putting stuff publicly in the open is difficult. It’s difficult because not everyone keeps in mind how much work I am putting into this blog. So I want everyone to be respectful towards what I post and to be positive to one another’s work in general.

So for example if I was posting about me snowboarding. An example of a positive, safe comment could be:

“Hey Jayden! I really like you’re post about you snowboarding. It seems like a really cool sport and I would love to be reading more, about you’re personal snowboarding experiences. Thanks!”

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