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Aug 15

Hello! Was called Jago as of last year but I have changed my name to align with my gender more, now I am Willow. My gender as it is so far is non-binary and i’m using pronouns she/her and them/they!!! ^^ If you have an questions please message me @Babey Tangerine#6028 on discord, comments are also welcome!!! Thank you so much for the cooperation.

Apr 19

test UwU

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May 17

Reflecting on this project i felt that we did well. We comunicated difrente ides and created more ideas. wae came up whit a good one and created it. we whent trough the proses of making sevraL DIAGRams and code. through bug testiong and building we managed to come up whith this micro bit Thermostate regulator.

Mirco:bit Drive


May 16

So far I have fineshed the code for the micro:ibt and my colleuge has diende a deatealed diageam of what are creation will beacom. I have tested it and it eworks flalesly.

May 11
For our Micro:bit project we will formulate a desine for a Thermostate Alarm using a timer and a way to detect if we have opend a door. this will make sure that when you leave your thermostate on whilst you open a door it will sound an alarm notifing the user that a fdoor has been opend and you are wasting energy. aswell when you leve it activated it will also alarm the user.
Aug 23

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