About Me



About Me

Hi my name is Jago thing you should know about me are that I am a competitive sailor that went to the BC summer games. My hobbies include 3D modeling in a program called blender and I also like to draw.



I chose this video because it is a video from my favorite YouTube channel and it is the first I watched from them. They have inspired me and made me laugh so this is my way of saying thanks.

I chose this quote because it’s true being normal means you can’t express you self you have to be the same look the same no different that’s just weird


I chose this photo because it represents me well. It’s a pirate with paint behind  like a creative sailor.


corridor digital

i chose this because its the channel the made the video the I put.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Jago,

    I really like how you have integrated various media (video, images, links) into your “About me” page. You have done a very good job constructing your page and commenting about yourself and your interests whilst still being mindful of your online presence.

    Great work!

    -Ms. Exley

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