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My name is Jacqueline and this is a bit about myself for you to get to know me.  I am thirteen, I have two very loving parents, and we are just about to introduce an adorable dog into our family.  A core part of myself and my personality is how I love to be creative and express my ideas, whether that means drawing, writing, speaking about something I am passionate about, or finding other ways to do things.  I like to think this way for everything I do and to look at all the ways I can make something I don’t necessarily enjoy into something interesting.  I also like to do things like painting my nails, doing logic puzzles, or reading as a hobby and to relieve stress.  Something I’d like to learn about more is colours, as I find them, and how they affect people, to be very interesting. Something that I have recently started to enjoy is helping others, which I learned makes me feel great after joining clubs like Me to We in my last year of middle school.  In the end, there is more about me than just this paragraph, but I think this can give you a good idea of what kind of person I am today, and maybe even what I will grow up to be.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

The quote I chose to write about is a quote about life by Gandhi.  In my opinion, the main idea of the quote is to live your best life.  For example, if you were to die tomorrow, you would want to make your last day the greatest and most memorable.  That can be something as small as being good to others and being honest.  Though, if you were to live forever, you would want to remember everything you learn, so that you gain wisdom over the years.  I think that everything you learn can help you in some way, like learning to be at peace, or knowing how valuable the ability to influence others is.  This quote can be condensed into a simple idea; live happily and know the value of what you learn.  All in all, I think this quote by Gandhi is something we should all apply to our lives, since living this way could make life a lot simpler than it is.


This video from ITV News shows the first open water sanctuary to exist, which will house two beluga whales.  I think that animals in captivity should be treated more fairly, since I love animals.  Fortunately, these beluga whales will be released into an open water sanctuary, where they will be monitored, but still kept in the wild.  I think this is a fantastic idea, because the whales get to live the way that they have adapted to, and we still get to learn more about their species.  I hope that this idea goes well, so that we can create more of these for other sea creatures in captivity and let them live good lives while still educating ourselves on marine life.

An image that has a special place in my heart is titled The Flamingos by Henri Rousseau.  I first found this painting when I was doing a project and I chose to use it as an example of calming colours.  I was amazed by how nicely done this painting is and how well it conveys the feelings it is trying to.  This painting always calms me whenever I see it and reminds me of one of my favourite projects that I had great fun doing.

A site that I love to use is called PicsArt.  PicsArt is an editing application that is lots of fun to use, but I like to use it for drawing.  I can also see what other people have created and see the way that they like to express themselves.


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