Day 4: Completing the circuits, measuring voltage & current, calculations


T & M – Yesterday, we were having problems with our series circuit.  So, we were thinking of what could make the circuit work perfectly.  We tried adding more copper tape, securing the light bulbs & batteries more, tried pushing down the switch in case it wasn’t touching, positioning the light bulb differently, and taking away copper tape.  Eventually, I tried putting more copper tape on top of the battery like we did for the parallel circuit which we made without problems earlier in the class.  Adding the extra copper tape made it work.

I – We added the extra copper tape on top of the battery and secured the light bulb, battery, and brass snaps with regular tape.  We tested the two circuits and both of them finally worked.  As you can see in the pictures, we made sure that each light could be controlled independently on the parallel circuit.

After playing around with the circuit and finishing it, we used a voltmeter and ammeter to find the voltage and current.  The current had to be recorded in milli-amperes because its current was small.  At home, I used the formulas I learned in class to calculate the resistance and power for the “Questions you should answer”.  I also finished the other questions on there, and all of them are posted on this blog post.  I learned that testing different ways to make the circuit worked helped me learn about circuits.

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