Day 3: Constructing the circuits for the diagram


TMI – Today, my group chose which floor plan/ circuit to use and we started building the circuits.  We chose my floor plan and circuit.  We went off of the criteria that the floor plan should look nice, the circuit should work and be tested on PhET, and the circuits should not require too much copper tape.  My group voted that we should use mine, because the circuit worked and the only thing we needed to fix were the charges on the battery.  We decided to make the series circuit first.  We cut out the pieces of copper tape and “constructed” the circuit without taping anything to get a spark.  Once we got one, we constructed the circuit.  At first, the negative prong on the LED light was in the wrong place, so we flipped the light.  Then, we tested the circuit again and found that when we apply a lot of pressure to the battery, brass snap, and LED light prongs is the only time the circuit works.  For tomorrow, we are going to start early to tape down those three parts securely so that the copper tape touches everything it needs to for the light to work easily. We will also create the parallel circuit and do calculations.

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