Day 2: Floor Plan Circuit Assignment

Day 2 (TMI) :

Today I edited the circuits and coloured the floor plan.  I already put the furniture on the diagram the day before.  I indicated what each piece of furniture is with labels.  I used colours that I would like to see if I had my own studio apartment.  The biggest change I made was the location of the switches in the circuits.  Now, the switches are on the wall, but appear very close to the wall in my circuit for clarity of where the circuit is.  I changed my parallel circuit, so that each light would be controlled independently.  One part of my parallel circuit that I find interesting is how one of the switches and a conducting wire are very close to each other.  I talked to my teacher about this and it seemed to be the only way to get my circuit to work.  Though, I still made an effort to use a small amount of conducting wires, so that we use less materials when actually constructing the circuit. I fine lined the furniture, but I am going to check with my teacher tomorrow to check if my circuits are right so I can fine line them as well.  I also moved the lights slightly so that the rooms would be lit effectively.  The circuits overlap with the furniture because the lights are ceiling lights.  I did shading around the furniture to add more contrast between the furniture and the floor.

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