Blog Post #1 for House Project: Design and Rationale (Day 1)

My floor plan is a studio apartment design, so it has no walls inside other than bathroom walls.  I put the series circuit inside the bathroom because it’s a small room, so it only needs one light.  Also, I put a window in the bathroom which gives more light.  I made the series circuit only have one light bulb, because no other light bulbs will be turned off when the switch is open.  I put my parallel circuit by the bed and couch, because those two areas are closest to the door and will receive the least amount of natural light.  That area does not have any walls separating the bedroom and living room, so putting them at a bit of a distance would help evenly disperse where the light goes instead of having two light bulbs beside each other ; that would only light up one area and it would be an overwhelming amount of light.  I used a parallel circuit for this area so that you can choose which light you want left on or off.  For example, if the bedroom area wasn’t in use, you could turn just that light off and still read on the couch with the living room bulb on.  I didn’t put any lights by the kitchen or dining room area because there are already two windows and some of the light from the living room bulbs might go there.

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