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My group and I made a lot of progress today. We did our phet lab and our floor plan. We are going to do 2 floors and we are doing one parallel circuit and 3 series circuits. We also sorted out who was bringing what supplies and what our plan was for the next day. We chose to do a parallel circuit in the dining room and kitchen because they were open concept and parallel circuits are brighter and that room was the biggest and so we wanted the brighter circuit to be there. In the rest of the rooms we did series circuits. In the master bedroom we added an ensuite and walk in closet and so we had a light in each room. We had a series circuit in the living room and the other bedroom and bathroom.


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On the second day of this project we made a lot more process. We cut out all the walls and I brought them home to paint them. We also made pillars to hold up the back of the shoe box and we planned how we were going to set everything up. I think we should use our time a little bit more wisely tomorrow.

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The next day, we put in all the walls and started to decorate. We decided to go with a Christmas theme and added a fire place and a Christmas tree and put in all the circuits. We definitely did a lot and it took a while to make the circuits This is the tour of my house.


Core Competencies 

This project demonstrates my growth in thinking. It shows my thinking because I had to come up with a floor plan that would work with our circuit and I had to create a way to keep the series circuits in place. I decided to use popsicle sticks to keep it in place and it worked very well. This project also demonstrates my growth in my communication skills. I had to communicate with my group members and decide who was doing what. I communicated with my group about all the things I had finished, and we all set a day we wanted to be finished.



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  1. Good job on your Phet and house plan. However the house plan is really hard to read as it is on an angle. Your tags are done incorrectly and should have commas separating them. Your rationalization has a good start but why are you using parallel and series for those room. What makes parallel a good choice vs series. Please link your past knowledge to the house project.

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