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Community Outreach Assignment

January 17, 2020  Community Outreach: Post Service Reflection    I got a chance to volunteer at my father’s office and it was a very good work experience for me because it was my first time volunteering. The work I did was important because there was a… Continue Reading →

My Employability Skills – A Reflection

Review the Employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.    During our activities today, I noticed myself demonstrating some of the employability skills mentioned above. I used: a. Teamwork & Working… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #5: Science

*I categorized this post later This is our final picture (I basically had the same one in the last post). We calculated resistance with these cords. Calculations        A few questions: -You have three light bulbs. All have the… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #4 (part 2): Day 4

  We put everything on the circuit and then we are going to do the calculations.

Blog Post #3: Day 4

    TMI-   We chose Alex’s house plan because it worked and it looked easy to do well. The second photo shows us starting to build our house with the materials.

Blog Post #2: Day 2

TMI: Day 2 We have just gotten in our groups. This is my house, but I still need to fix the circuits because they are not working properly. *I figured out why. The series and parallel circuits were connected to… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #1: Day 1 Science

  I thought that the series and parallel circuits are good where I put them in the house. The series goes around the whole house and the parallel is in the the bathroom and by the dining table. Later: This… Continue Reading →

I am proud of…

  This is a math quiz that I did well on. I used it for the final digital literacy assignment because I could not think of many assignments that I wanted to add, but also because I liked getting the… Continue Reading →



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