January 17, 2020 

Community Outreach: Post Service Reflection 


I got a chance to volunteer at my father’s office and it was very good work experience for me because it was my first time volunteering. The work I did was important because there was a lot of organization and cleaning involved, and I feel that it is always nice to help other people especially since this was my first real volunteer experience. Also, I enjoyed volunteering in general and I would like to continue to help others who may need more of my help. My father definitely benefited from my volunteering and by helping him, his patients will benefit from the work I did as well. My experiences affected me by making me work hard. I came across some challenges such as difficulty with management of time, but not by too much. I think that the challenges I faced were similar to what I predicted. By helping, I felt very good. I also got a lot of things completed, and that to me is also very rewarding. I think that I met most of my learning goals, even though sometimes they were a little bit difficult, such as time management, but I think that I did a good job with the other goals. This work does not relate too much to Housing and Living Environments, because it was very difficult to find an organization that allowed volunteers to be under sixteen years old. I sincerely apologize as I am not sixteen and I could not volunteer at a place related exactly to the course. I tried to contact so many different places, but most of them did not respond and the others said I could not volunteer because I was under sixteen. However, I thought that it would be better to complete the required number of hours, rather than none. My father’s office is a little bit related to families though. He has people that are many different ages come into his office and get treated. I feel that his office is related to community as well because if you can help someone in any way, then you feel rewarded for your hard work. I think that to be active in a community means to help others as much as you can. If you helped someone, then you know you helped your community. I think that our community deserves to have help because most of us can think back to all the times our community helped us, so now it is our turn to give back and be very good citizens. All of the citizens in our community have different roles, which makes us all responsible. I am going to try and volunteer at my old day care in the future, and that new experience will give me a lot of responsibility. Also, if I need volunteer hours next year, it will be my responsibility to earn them. Before this experience, I was not a big part of my community and that is something I would like to change. Usually, I am too nervous to try and find a place to go to volunteer. I think that inside of school, I have a deeper understanding of community and I can look forward to my next volunteer opportunity. From now on, I could try and help the clubs in my school a little bit more when they are doing fundraiser’s because I know what they are selling for a good cause and/or an organization. I could also volunteer more in clubs. Outside of school, I can use what I have learned during my volunteer hours and apply that to my real life. For example, I learned how to clean, and I organized as well. As a person I have changed because I got to do some hard work for the first time. I do not have a job yet, but I have always taken the chances given to me to help as much as I can (ex: My old schools). I intend to keep volunteering as I enjoy helping others and I want to give back to my community. I also would like to become a better person. I feel that this project also pushed me to try and be less nervous and introverted, especially when I had to call people who I did not know (that was one of the hardest parts of the project for me, in my opinion). I am actually very grateful for that. It was a very hard thing for me to do, but it was also a very common thing that I will have to do when I am older. I want to volunteer with kids because I want to become a teacher. I think that this experience was very useful for my future and I am looking forward to the new opportunities where I will be able to volunteer. The new learning goals I would like to set are: Being aware, giving the best effort I can, and trying to connect even more with people in my community.