About Me

About me

My names Isaac, i’m 14 years old and in grade 9.  I like playing video games with my friends and watching Netflix in my pass time. My favorite sports are volleyball and water polo. My favorite subjects in school are math and PE because i find math and PE easy to do.  My least favorite subjects are french and English because they evolve a lot of reading and reading which i don’t like.



“There may be people have more talent then you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you.” -Derek Jeker

I like this quote because even if other people have more natural talent than you in you’re sport or something, if you work harder then them to get better, you can surpass them.


I chose this video because its really funny and it inspired me when I was little to make videos with my brothers. When I was little me and my brothers would make homemade movies because of this video and some others by the same Youtuber.



Image result for picture that represents not to give up

I like this image because it says not too give up, which is something that I believe strongly.



I like to use

to watch videos of my favorite content creators and other videos that make me laugh or for videos for research at school.


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