Day #4 (final day)

The picture above is the electric house, completed. There is a circuit for each room, and each circuit is different. In previous posts, i have explained each circuit, so i won’t  go into detail here.

This is a schematic diagram that we need to make as part of the assignment. It aligns with the picture above, so you can see that we have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a living room. the loops with the circles around are the light bulbs, and the 2 lines, one of which is longer, is the symbol for a battery.

This is the calculations that we did for the circuits, and the main formula to know is that Resistance=voltage/current. We had voltmeters and ammeters that we used to measure the voltage and the current, and using the formula we found the resistance. In parallel circuits though, when the current branches out into different wires, it will decrease, and you have to modify your calculations as necessary (1 amp splits into 2 branches, 0.5 amps a branch).

I feel like our group is prepared for the presentation tomorrow, and we should be able to get a good mark.

Science day #3

As shown in the images above, today we worked mainly on the circuits, having set up all the materials yesterday. The image on the left is a parallel circuit (which means that there is more than one pathway for current to flow) with 3 light bulbs. The image on the right is 2 circuits, one of which is the one on the left, and the other one is a series circuit with 1 light bulb (simple one pathway circuit). We have 2 more circuits that we haven’t connected fully yet, so they don’t work, but in theory they should. We will finish assembling them after the long weekend.

Science project day #2

Today we where mostly setting up the materials to build the circuits. We stripped the plastic covering off of the wires so we could connect it to the light bulbs. We created the simplest circuit out of the 4 that we are planning to make. Now that we set everything up though, tomorrow we should be able to make everything. The plan is that after tomorrow we will have a house with all of the circuits completed. After that we just have to add the finishing touches.

Science post #1

Today we figured out what circuits we are going to use for the 4 rooms. We used a mix of parallel and series circuits, affecting the brightness of the bulbs for each room. For tomorrow, we are planning to bring supplies and to start working on the rooms. We will need to create the circuits pictured in class, and hopefully it works. For the living room, it’s the 3 bright lights in parallel. For the bedroom, it’s the one with one bright light in series. For the kitchen, it’s the parallel circuit with one bright bulb and 2 dull one’s. For the bathroom, it’s the series circuit with 3 dim lights chained together.