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“Get busy living or get busy dying.”- Stephen King

I like this quote because It’s very true. If your alive, you should make the most of it.


I’ve always found the amazon jungle fascinating. It’s sad that there’s so much deforestation going on, hopefully it stops soon. Wild tropical animals have always interested me, maybe because they’re rare and probably wont be around for much longer.

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I find this picture relaxing because of the mountains, clouds and water. It looks very pristine and one day I want to visit a place like this.




That’s where I go daily to read news and learn about the world. Its the biggest news site in the world (to my knowledge) and I personally really like it.


I enjoy nature and everything related to it, I walk in Mundy Park weekly and always hope of seeing a wild animal. I’ve played piano for 8 years and I’ve won 2 trophies (and a bunch of certificates, 15-25). I do cooking as a hobby and cook a recipe every month, not too often but still. I also play tennis, although I think I’ll stop soon because my interest in it is dying out.

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This is my final English project. The point of this project is to summarize our previous assignments and say what skills we developed throughout these assignments. This project takes the place of a final exam.


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