CLE 10 reflections homework


A. For teamwork we helped each other if someone forgot someones name. in class we helped each other out a lot because of the class activities.

F. How i manage my time is, I have a schedule and I do stuff based on what my schedule is on that day.

D. How I show work ethic is by being responsible. how i show this is by being places that I need to be at the right time and doing what the teacher says and not handing in homework late.

G. How I show enthusiasm is by being intrigued into the games that we played in class. I was always positive about playing those games in class.

H. I am able to integrate criticism into feed back by improving the things that I did wrong while playing the class games.



Skills that I would like to work on are communication skills and public speaking skills. Why I would like to work on my communication skill is because you use communication in your everyday life. How I am improving this is by interacting with more people and taking opportunities to talk to new people. Why I want to work on my public speaking is because I am really scared of speaking to a crowd and I think it would be a great life skill to have. How I am improving this is by putting my hand up and reading segments of a book to the class or taking the most talking parts in a group project.


[no one told me that we had to put it on microsoft team and I finished this on October 16 you can check the date this was posted]