CLE 10 reflections homework


A. For teamwork we helped each other if someone forgot someones name. in class we helped each other out a lot because of the class activities.

F. How i manage my time is, I have a schedule and I do stuff based on what my schedule is on that day.

D. How I show work ethic is by being responsible. how i show this is by being places that I need to be at the right time and doing what the teacher says and not handing in homework late.

G. How I show enthusiasm is by being intrigued into the games that we played in class. I was always positive about playing those games in class.

H. I am able to integrate criticism into feed back by improving the things that I did wrong while playing the class games.



Skills that I would like to work on are communication skills and public speaking skills. Why I would like to work on my communication skill is because you use communication in your everyday life. How I am improving this is by interacting with more people and taking opportunities to talk to new people. Why I want to work on my public speaking is because I am really scared of speaking to a crowd and I think it would be a great life skill to have. How I am improving this is by putting my hand up and reading segments of a book to the class or taking the most talking parts in a group project.


[no one told me that we had to put it on microsoft team and I finished this on October 16 you can check the date this was posted]

Science DL project (2)

On the second day I finished my drawing and finished my circuits. I started to work on coloring and Ms.Kendall gave us our groups. It was really hard to find the parallel circuit because the switches needed to be on the wall not on the ceiling, why I chose this place to put my light bulbs are because the lights will light the living room and the kitchen. choosing the series one was the easiest because you need a light in the washroom  and  making the series circuit was really easy. My group members were Chloe,Trevor, and I. That was all I did on the second day.

Science DL project (1)

On the first day of the DL project I created my house and fine lined it. Why I chose this design is because I think it fits pretty good. The rules we had for this project was that we had make walls only for the bathroom and we also we couldn’t make another room other than the bathroom. I put my bed in the corner and the tv right in front of the bed, also i put the table beside the tv and the drawer in the middle of the wall. The kitchen is right beside the bathroom and the dryer and washer is beside the bathroom door. That was all I did on the first day

Science DL project (3)

On day 3 we got into groups and I finished my drawing. our group consisted of Chloe,Trevor, and I, we decided to use Chloe’s design because it was the best one and the prettiest one. Another thing we did on day 3 is that our group finished the circuit diagram. the hardest part of making the diagram was making the LED light bulbs to light up, they would not light up. the parallel ones lit up but the series circuit took a lot of effort, because we all had to press something down and we had to put thee battery in a right place. We also messed up a bit on the series circuit because we put the positive end to the other side so it wouldn’t work. after that we tried to find the voltage of the source and current. In the end our group finished our circuit diagram and I finished my drawing.

What I Am Proud Of


By: Ian An



What I Am Proud Of



Why I am proud of English is because my teacher is a really nice and chill teacher. You could tell that he likes teaching the subject and enjoys time with us students. Something that I am proud of in English is a group project we did at the beginning. We were told that we had to describe a certain storytelling element and had to make a Kahoot about it. Why I am proud of that is because I really enjoyed working together in a group and it was really fun finding out what the different storytelling elements. I also put a lot of work in finding the meanings of the storytelling elements and the making of the Kahoot .Another thing that I found, that i was really proud of is the “The Veldt” analysis. Why, I was really proud of this is because we spent a lot of time analyzing the music video and the story. It took a bit of time to answer all the question that Mr. Gant gave us but, after I completed them I felt really proud. The last thing I am proud of is a project we did on pop sonnets. Why I was proud of this is because, it is really hard to do because you had to translate a pop song into a Shakespeare poem and it had to be 14 lines and had to rhyme. The pop sonnet was the most proud thing I did in English 9.

Reflect on your media fluency

Reflection on your media fluency

  1. The message that I am trying to send in my comic is that to not bring a dinosaur to this era.
  2. The emotions that I am trying to show is scared, surprised, terrified.
  3. The message I am trying to say is that things in that past belong in the past and not in the present.
  4. The comic strip is effective for the time travel purpose because comic strips are more entertaining and more appealing to the eye, also it is a lot easier.
  5. I think it is effective to use the comic strip for this project because its about time travel and its pretty fun to make the comics.
  6. In my opinion this comic strip maker was effective, and I don’t know any other platforms that are like this