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Hello, everyone to my blog so I am going to tell you guys some facts about myself I am 14 years old I have 1 brother and 1 sister. Also the best things about life [so far] is gaming and and joining taekwondo. Why I love gaming is because I have been playing games for as long as I can remember and why I enjoy gaming so much is that it makes me feel like if I am in a completely different world then my own and also its super fun. why I like taekwondo so much is because, I love the adrenaline I get when we have our fights with another taekwondo member and it also teaches you about respect.




My Favorite Video


Why I like this video the most is because it is super funny and the people who are in it are really funny. Another reason why I like this is video is because it started my love of Counter Strike Global Offensive and my love of Fitzs channel.




” Anime is my drug and I am a chronic user.” -SwaggerSouls

Why I like this quotes is because I love anime and one of my favorite youtubers said it.




Why I chose this picture is, because my friend Sam [ in the picture ] moved to Australia couple of months ago. This is when we went to an escape room and found a toy horse by a small creek. This was the last time that we hangout in Canada. This also shows his very handsome face.



Why I chose this website is because its where I watch my TV or go there whenever I am bored and its where a lot of my favorite videos are.







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Science DL project (2)

On the second day I finished my drawing and finished my circuits. I started to work on coloring and Ms.Kendall gave us our groups. It was really hard to find the parallel circuit because the switches needed to be on the wall not on the ceiling, why I chose this place to put my light bulbs are because the lights will light the living room and the kitchen. choosing the series one was the easiest because you need a light in the washroom  and  making the series circuit was really easy. My group members were Chloe,Trevor, and I. That was all I did on the second day.

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