Micro Bit: Try it out & Make it better

The way I can try this out would be by letting my light stay on and see if it makes an alarm. While everything is on my sensor will try and detect it and warn me. After I try it out In my house I can try it out in different places like my extended family. Thus, receiving more information on the sensor and if it works in any place, not just mine. I could also make my experiment better by having multiple different people look at my code and see my product to give me feedback.

Micro bit: Design & Create

I worked on this project by myself. My idea was to make a sensor that could notice that the lights are on and alert me by showing an image on the micro bit or play a song to tell me they are still on. The main reason I chose to use this idea was because of the number of times that I forgot to turn off lights in my house which could lead to them burning out. So I thought that making a sensor that notices a light is on too long would be a great solution. How I thought I could create this would be using code to make a light sensor by making the led lights on the micro bit test how much light is falling on the display.