My Employability Skills – A Reflection

Review the Employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

I have good teamwork skills and can work in diverse environments. During these two activities, we left the classroom, working in a different environment. As for the human knot activity, good teamwork is necessary to untie ourselves.I feel that I have a good work ethic, my integrity is good, I’m responsible and accountable. During the human knot, I used by integrity skills to prevent myself from cheating. And I am a very responsible and accountable person as I take many things seriously.My problem-solving skills is also something I’m proud of. In both of today’s activities, when we were rolling up our yarn and untying ourselves, these skills were very important. I didn’t want to rely on someone else to solve problems for me and I prefer to figure something out myself first, before asking for help.I am very open to feedback and criticism because they are essential for personal growth. If you don’t receive and feedback or criticism, you’re not growing, but stuck in one place.I am very flexible and have great adaptability. For example, when I moved here, I quickly adapted to the new environment that I was put in. The transition from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school is more of the same. There are some more difficult aspects, but I feel that I’ve done a good job at adapting to new environments.

Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practice them so that you are employable in the future.

I would like to work on my interpersonal communication skills. It is something that is compulsory if you want to discuss and communicate information with a group of people. I feel that I can improve them by being an active listener and respect those who are speaking. And instead of simple answers, go more in depth and explore other possibilities. Something else that I would like to work on is my enthusiasm and attitude. I am not very enthusiastic about things I don’t know a lot about; resulting in my walking into a new experience with a not-so-good attitude. I would like to change and improve that about me. I can do that by not being so negative and focusing on the more positive side of things and situations. And also lower my expectations about certain events. Another skill that I would very much like to improve my time management skills. I am not very consistent with my time management. Sometimes I can balance homework and break time and sometimes I’m not as good and only focus on one thing and neglect the other. I would very much like to improve that about since it can make my life easier. I can do that by making to-do lists and prioritize things that are most important.

What I’m Proud of…

A learning experience that I am very proud of is the final assignment from Business 9. In this final project, we covered everything in the course. We had to put everything together in order to create a brand new personal business. All aspects of the business had to be covered, including the promotion, public image, tangible and intangible features, the logo, ad campaign, and a location that would benefit our business, etc.

An overview of the project

The location, surrounding business around the area and how that affects my business

Both the tangible and intangible features my business can provide  for the customers

Ads I made promoting my business using photoshop, also showcasing different forms of advertisement, (Instagram, magazine)

The public image of my business and how I want it to be perceived by the customers

How my business can be socially and environmentally friendly and responsible, including what we can do to help the public and our image

Details regarding the logo design, explaining the inspiration behind it and what it means as a whole, and how it fits in what I’m trying to accomplish as a public image.

Blog Post #3: Tour of Completed House

This is an over view of our whole electric house with four rooms in total. We have four separate circuits, 2 series, 1 parallel, and 1 complex. We used 10 lightbulbs and 4 batteries in total.

This is one of the bedrooms, we used a parallel circuit with 3 light bulbs to light up this room and all the lights have the same brightness.

This is our bathroom, we chose to use a series circuit with 2 light bulbs to light up this room and all the lights have the same brightness as well.

This is another one of our bedrooms. In this room, we have decided to use a series circuit with 2 light bulbs and all of them have the same brightness.

This is the living room, kitchen and dinning room all together. We decided to use a complex circuit with 3 light bulbs for this room. As you can see, the first light is brighter than the other two because it gets more voltage than others.

This is my Core Competency Self-Assessment.

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Blog Post #2: The Building Process

My group members brought in some materials like the shoebox, extra cardboard, and a hot glue gun. Ms. Kendall provided some materials as well, such as light bulbs, wires, etc. My group put our floor plan that was finished yesterday into the shoebox and started cutting some cardboard for the interior walls. Since everyone in my group finished our circuit diagram and the PhET online diagram, we started cutting the Christmas lights wires to expose the inner copper wires to test if each light bulb works.

Next class, we are going to hot glue the cardboard walls down and start actually making our circuits. And if we have time, we will also add some furniture and decorations in our house.

Here is a picture of what we’ve done today.

Blog Post #1: Design and Rationale

I have chosen to design a parallel circuit for one of the bedrooms for our group project, “Electric House”.

Here is a picture of a hand-drawn schematic parallel circuit diagram in the bedroom:

Here is a screenshot of a PhET circuit diagram of parallel circuit in the bedroom:

I chose to make a parallel circuit because it’s more efficient, if one light bulb burns out, the rest of them will still work just fine. Therefore, you don’t have to replace it right the way. A parallel circuit is a closed pathway with several different pathways.