About Me


Hi my name is Hailey, I’m fourteen and I’m a competitive gymnast.

My favourite quote is “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger that you seem and smarter than you think” A. A. Milne Christopher Robin. This quote is one of my favourite quote because it reminds me to never give up and to always push harder. It reminds me to always try my best and to believe in myself.

My favourite youtube clip is the Norah Flatley clip. Norah Flatley is a famous gymnast who goes to college at UCLA and competes for their gymnastics team. It is my favourite youtube clip because it always makes me laugh when I watch it. She a very similar personality as I do, always having fun and laughing,  watch

A picture that has impacted is. picture of my sister when she has gotten better. my sister was very sick in the Children’s Hospital. After she got better she had a photo shoot. They hung the photos up on the hospital walls to give people hope. My sister has inspired me. She showed me that having a positive attitude will get you further a long. She never felt bad for herself and she always looked on the bright side of things

My favourite website is instagram because I can talk to all my friends and see what’s going on in their lives.

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