My Employability Skills – A Reflection

Reflect the Employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

  • I have leadership and I used this skill in the human knot activity when no one knew what we were doing, so I took responsibility and took leadership. I guided people what to do and gave ideas to help others understand and think of ideas themselves.
  • I have enthusiasm and attitude because I wasn’t getting mad or being lazy, I took charge and was positive throughout the whole activity. I was cheering my classmates which made them think of ideas and made the experience fun and easy.
  • I also have communication skills because I am a talkative person and I am also a people person, which means I like talking and helping people. I was talking to express my ideas and to get others to share there own too. My group was shy and quiet in the beginning but by the end, we were all laughing and talking because they were just scared to talk first, so I did.
  • I also showed problem solving and critical thinking in the human knot activity because no one really knew what we were doing, so we brainstormed ideas and thoughts that we can use to finish and complete this activity, and it worked out really well because we were one of the first groups to finish because we communicated and shared ideas with critical thinking.

Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practice them so that you are employable in the future.

  • I have to work on flexibility because when I get challenged an assignment, I like getting the job done perfect and quickly but that stresses me out. If I was more flexible, I could relax more and take more time and go with the flow because it might work out better. To fix this skill, I am taking deep breathes and doing my homework after school so I can relax at night and have more time.
  • I also have to work on professionalism because during the human knot activity, we were all laughing, which isn’t a bad thing, but like I said before, I like to get the job done nicely. My goal is to be more flexible with my work but also act my professional at times to have a better outcome for things like school work. To make sure I get better at this skill, I am taking charge in groups more because as a leader, I have to act nice and take leadership, so I have to be professional.
  • I also have to work on time management because I procrastinate a lot and don’t take my time and rush everything. This skill must improve because for my future jobs, I need good time management. To improve on this skill, I am doing homework after school and getting my homework done quickly. I am also getting up at the same time everyday on the weekends to get used to the time for future jobs.

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