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Above are the photos of our coding and a drawing of what our device might have looked liked.

What does this artifact you selected demonstrate strengths and growth in the communication competency?

My partner; Katie LaRocque and I did really well in communicating in this project and shared our ideas really well. Because we shared our knowledge and ideas, we both contribute into the project together. This project required a lot of teamwork because we both had to think of an idea to help us use less energy. I believe that me and my partner did really well communicating and exchanging ideas to make up our device, a timer while running water,

In what ways might you further develop your communication competency?

I don’t think I need to develop on anything in communication. I explained my thoughts and ideas, I connected my thoughts to make up our device, and I also collaborated with my partner really well. If I had to work on one, I would work one connecting our ideas more because we used some of my ideas and a few of hers. Next time, I want to hear more about my peers ideas and connect them with mine.

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  • Ms. Exley commented on June 4, 2019 Reply

    Thank you for your posts. Great job at documenting your learning! I enjoyed reading about your building process and how you were able to finish your project. Most of your posts are categorized correctly and are tagged with the appropriate tags. Please come see me in the tech center if you would like to know your final grade.

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