Blog Post #2 : Dream/Design

On the first day of this project, my partner; Katie and I were brainstorming ideas on how we waste energy or use it too much so we can make a device to fix it. I thought of the idea about saving water; if we made an alarm clock that lights a light after a minute, we can use it when running water, for example, brushing your teeth. We then wanted to find a way to make this work, so we thought of ideas on our own and learned more about micro bits to understand it more.

On the second day, we used the information we gained from research and started to make our project. We collected our materials and started to play with the micro bits to see what happens. We then started to build our code.

On the last working day, we tested out code to see if our device works. It didn’t work, but we wanted to find out why it didn’t work and also how to make it work successfully. By the end of the block, we couldn’t find a way for our device to work. We tested out many new codes and ideas and asked Mrs. Oak and she helped us but it just didn’t work.

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