Science Micro bits

1.what is your idea

Our idea is about not using as much water when brushing your teeth. When you brush your teeth, water is being wasted down the drain for 3 minutes straight. Our idea is to make a device that lights a light when water is being wasted for 1 and a half minutes. it will remind you to turn off the water and not waste it. is it reducing energy wage?

With our device, water is being saved and not wasted. the less water we use the more we have. In Canada, we have the cleanest water in the world, and we take it for granted and waste it. by using less water, we are saving it and can use it for more,

3.why this idea?

One of three people in the world let the water run when brushing there teeth, that is a lot of people wasting water. I really hope our device works because if it does, it can help people stop wasting water.



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