About Me



my favourite quote-

  • Success doesn’t just find you. …~me
  • this is my favourite quote because it tells you that you need to try in order to succeed

favourite youtube video- click here  I personally love cats they are so cute they just make me laugh so much. 


A photo I think is inspirational:

it tells you to never regret, personally I live by that because everything happens for a reason I what I like to believe.


my favourite website :click here

I like youtube because there’s no limits on what you can find or post.Youtube has help me in many situations.It also provides lots of entertainment.


What happened on my birthday the forth of November:

In 1922 the entrance to King Tut’s tomb was discovered.

In 1918 Austria signs armistice with the Alies.

In William lll and Mary of England wed on William’s birthday.

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