Micro-bit project- revisited post

Upon closer inspection, I found that some of my original ideas are not exactly matching up with what a microbit does, so, as part of the engineering process, I am revisiting my brainstorm…

My original thought was that lights would flash different colours when a plant was either over or underwatered, my thoughts are still roughly the same, however, now I am looking more into the specifics. I think I will edit the colour scheme.

Before I said that I will make the middle ground yellow, that doesn’t really make sense, like on a traffic light, yellow doesn’t mean go, so I will change that to green, and that moisture level will be in between 60-80%, the recommended level. Then for the less than 50% moisture, I will leave it red. Finally, for over 90% moisture, meaning it’s been watered to0 much, meaning that the plant could rot, I will code it to flash yellow.

The photo of the code on the post before is just me beginning, I have to figure out how to program the rest, I have saved a copy to my computer and I hope I can work on it over spring break.

My micro-bit project post- working on code

This is my current progress with my code, I have followed a picture and tutorial to show that a red light will flash when my “B” button is pressed, that’s means that the moisture of the plant is less than 50%, I’m currently still working on the code, I’m going to try and watch another tutorial to see if I can figure out how to program my microbit to when the moisture is greater than 90%, meaning that the plant has been watered too much, I also need to figure out how to code the middle ground, for example, getting the light to flash yellow when the moisture is between 60-80%. It’s still a work in progress, but at least I have made progress.

My prototype- Digital literacy micro-bit- brainstorm

This is the brainstorm, for my micro bit project, stay tuned for future posts for this project.

My idea is to create a combination of light and moisture sensors to tell you when you have watered a plant too much, too little, and just enough. I will set up a small set of lights, when the moisture reaches whatever point is recommended for that plant, it will flash the colour I chose for it, either watered too much (red), not enough (yellow) and just perfect (green). I hope I can develop my coding skills with this project