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It’s all about me 

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My favorite quote is:

It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you the matters.-unknown

I chose this quote because it’s important to me. Everyone has there issues and things that your struggling with it. So you can either keep thinking about bad things that have happened to you or you can pick up your feet and learn from there or do something about it.


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 I chose this video because one of my favorite sports is basketball. I especially love watching girls basketball because I feel like I can relate to it more because I am a girl as well. I also really love this video because  it has some great plays offensively and defensively. 

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Image result for ocean wave pictures

I picked this image because I love the ocean and the beach. The waves are incredible at some beaches I’ve been to. Just standing in front of I wave is an incredible feeling how small you are compared to the power it holds in just one wave. I also really love to surf sometimes and when your surfing a wave you get rush of adrenalin and a powerless kind of happy feeling.


4) What is Your Favorite Website: Create a hyperlink to your favorite website.  Explain why you chose this site.

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My favorite website is google because I have a lot of questions and I can search up almost anything from clothes to sports to world problems.




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