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My name is Dylan and I’m in grade 9 and i attend Charles best Secondary school. I have one dog name Trixie and two cats named Snap and Crackle. One day I want to become a commercial Airline pilot for Air Canada and fly the Boeing 777-300er or the Airbus A320-300

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I like to fly RC aircrafts with my uncle and he usually uses a glider which flys with the wind, and i use a propellered plane. If you are interested to check out these RC planes go to this website here.








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Something I am proud of for this year.

This year, me and my Division 1 soccer team one gold at our provincials in Richmond. We were doing very well all season and we were at the top of our standings for the whole year. We had this one player named Adam and he was insane at soccer and scored a lot of our goals for us.


We were playing against the Richmond team on their own field. The odds against us winning were low because the last time we played against them, we lost.


But we ended up winning the game in penalty shoot outs 3-2.


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