My Employability Skills-Reflection

  1. Review the employability skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

Skills I have currently are teamwork communication, work ethic, problem solving, time management, enthusiasm, and flexibility. For both activities, I needed to communicate with others so that I was able to repeat what others had said for their self introduction in the first activity, and to solve the ‘knot’ together as a class in the second activity which also required problem solving and teamwork. Flexibility was also needed in these two activities. I had to be not only physically flexible, but also mentally, especially in the ‘human knot’ activity. Having a positive attitude was very important as well because a positive attitude helped everyone to cope more easily with problems.

  1. Describe the skills you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practice them so that you are employable in the future.

Skills that I would like to work on are communication and the ability to accept criticism. I need to have strong communication skills in order to share my thoughts, to express wants and needs. By engaging and being more active in class discussions or any group activities is going to help improving my communication skills. Being able to take criticism is important because learning from a constructive criticism is going to help improve my working skills with a reduced probability of errors and increased efficiency. Next time when I received criticism, I should stop my first reaction, try to take the criticism in a positive way, and learn from the criticism.

Showcase project

I made this morocca in ceramic class last semester, Mr. Yoo gave me an A on this project. It was a great experience being in Mr. Yoo’s ceramic class, i’ve learned many interesting things that I would’ve not be able learn in other classes.

Blog post #3 Save Energy

Here is the picture of our final project. It was challenging to Design a energy saving prototype in such a short time, so the final result was not the best.

This project required communication with partner to think of a plan, improve it, and adjust any defect. For the prototype my partner and I decided to make was definitely challenging, we needed to communicate and work on it not only in class, but also outside of school, during our spare time. We tried many different ways to make the dynamic light sensor works, but sadly we couldn’t. For further improvement in the communication competency, I would explain my idea better, so it would be easier for my partner and teacher to understand. Creative thinking and critical thinking were also needed in this project, which is my strength, so I was mainly responsible for the plan making part. During the process of programming, my partner and I attempted to use variety of the tools we had online to see the different results, and compared them. Maybe next time when doing a similar project like this, I would further develop my idea even more.  Last but not least, the personal&social competency. My partner and I respected each other’s thoughts and opinions, we took responsibility of our work, and helped when the other needed. In the future, I would challenge myself to do something i’m not so familiar with, in order to learn more. All in all, it was a great experience for me to do this project.

Blog post #2 Save Energy

Day 1: only ideas were generated on this day. My partner and I were thinking of what kind of energy-saving device we should make. For the entire class, we thought of many ideas, but all of them were only for convenience and most of them were very bizarre. For example buzzer on cars to kick you off and force you to either walk, ride a bus or a bike. At last we thought of a dynamic light sensor where when the switch is flipped the light auto adjusts itself to the right brightness according to the dimness of the room. We were hoping to get started on the programming the next day.

Day 2: this day we tried out our idea. We started to program our micro-bits, tried out many functions on the micro-bits programming website, and made the first attempt. However, when we connect the micro-bits, it didn’t work as expected. The LED was flashing and turned off when it supposed to be on. Apparently, we messed up the program and turned The Who process up side down. The LED was supposed to be on when the room was dark but instead, it stayed on when the room was bright. Only that process took us the entire class and our first work out was a disaster, but we were wanting to finish, or at least get 80% of the project done the next work block.

Day 3: Our third day was a shortened block because of the power-out in the morning. We hurried and tried to make out the best plan. At the end of the block we programmed the micro-bits so it can turn on and off based on the brightness, but it’s not dynamic, and we couldn’t fix that. We didn’t get the best of what we needed but we tried our best. All we had left were the diagrams, explanation of process, and reflection for the presentations.

Day 4: we had half of the class to do some final touch up and write down the programming process, reflection, some diagrams to explain the device that we made. And our mini presentations, in which we had to explain what does the device do to help save energy and the process of making the device, were all finished.

English 9 Pixton Project

The Werewolf Game

The arena I recreated is only a enclosed room with some furnitures in it. The extravagant decorations, tributes dressed up nicely, but are like lifeless marionettes being controlled by the capital. They are toys to the capital, existed for capital’s amusement. Even though this is not a fight to death game, but it still shows dictatorship of the capital and all tributes and districts are under the capital’s control, they have to obey. At the end of this comic strip, the sentence “the game has just begun” and the empty arena created an open ending, allows the readers to have unlimited imaginations.

Blog post #1 Save Energy

The energy usage that my partner and I want to lower is electricity. Reason why we want to lower the usage of electricity is because it is a big part of our daily life, almost all devices at homes, businesses, and industries are running because of electricity. One cannot think of a world without electricity. But in order to generate electricity, we need to use power plants to burn coal, crude oil or other fossil fuels, which heavily pollute the air and cause climate change. The device my partner and I are going to create is a LED lamp that can adjust its brightness according to the surrounding environment. LED is highly energy efficient, produce less heat, more light, but at lower cost. A lot of times we don’t need a light source that’s too bright because of the surrounding environmental factors, so it will be good to have the option to adjust the brightness of the light source; also, dimmer the light is, lower the energy it needs.  The research I did online showed that there’re very similar products on the market, but aren’t widely used, and they are slightly expensive.