Blog post #1 Save Energy

The energy usage that my partner and I want to lower is electricity. Reason why we want to lower the usage of electricity is because it is a big part of our daily life, almost all devices at homes, businesses, and industries are running because of electricity. One cannot think of a world without electricity. But in order to generate electricity, we need to use power plants to burn coal, crude oil or other fossil fuels, which heavily pollute the air and cause climate change. The device my partner and I are going to create is a LED lamp that can adjust its brightness according to the surrounding environment. LED is highly energy efficient, produce less heat, more light, but at lower cost. A lot of times we don’t need a light source that’s too bright because of the surrounding environmental factors, so it will be good to have the option to adjust the brightness of the light source; also, dimmer the light is, lower the energy it needs.  The research I did online showed that there’re very similar products on the market, but aren’t widely used, and they are slightly expensive.



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