English 9 Video Reflection – DL10

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Reflection Questions for the Video:


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What is the underlying message in the video?

The main message of the video was that White society treated Indian society bad to the point where the Indian society started turning on each other and hurt each other physically and emotionally. As we can see in the video, the Andruss triplets beat up Arnold, showing that Indians turn on each other.

What emotion/action/outcome was this message meant to cause?

The outcome of the message shows discrimination against the mentally ill.  In the video, it tells us that Arnold suffers from Hydrocephalus, a condition where extra cerebral fluid surrounding the brain applies pressure on the brain which causes speech dysfunctionality, headaches, nausea and even seizures.  Discrimination is still present in society today and it can affect people in very horrible ways.

Where is the opinion or bias in this message, if any?

There is no opinion or bias in this message.

What about the medium (in this case video) is effective for its purpose?

The video helps you comprehend what is happening in the story with a visual representation which helps you understand the message a little better. A video shows you the message in many different ways that you could imagine.

What about the medium (in this case video) is ineffective for its purpose?

The video is ineffective in the ways where everyone will have their own opinion of what happens in the story (how they perceive it) or the message is portrayed. Not everyone thinks alike.

Is there any other medium (technology platform) that would be effective for this project?

I do not think that there is any other medium better than a video. Using a video would be the most effective method of portraying the message of a story rather than a PowerPoint slide or a poster. In my opinion, it is easier to comprehend what is happening through video.



English 9 Video Project – DL10



Our assignment was to recreate a scene from Sherman Alexie’s, “The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.” Our scene was when Arnold runs away from Rowdy (Arnold’s Best Friend) but unluckily bumps into the Andruss Triplets.  Arnold gets teased and hurt with his encounter with the Andruss Triplets.

Arnold- David

Andruss Brothers- Jonah, (John)  Oliver (Jim), Laith (Joe)


*****************************************************************************************************************************Script for the video:


Arnold: “was scared of Rowdy and I was scared of getting thrown in jail for vandalism, so I ran. That was a mistake. I ran right into the Andruss brothers’ camp. The Andrusses – John, Jim and Joe – are the cruelest triplets in the history of the world. 

Joe: “Hey, look” 

Arnold: One of them said.

Joe: “It’s Hydro Head.”

Arnold: Yep, those bastards were making fun of my brain disorder. Charming, huh?

John: “Nah, he ain’t Hydro.” 

Arnold: Said another one of the brothers.

John: “He’s Hydrogen.” 

Arnold: I don’t know which one said that. I couldn’t tell them apart. I decided to run again, but one of them grabbed me, and shoved me toward another brother. All three of them shoved me to and fro. They were playing catch with me.  

Jim: “Hydromatic.”

Joe: “Hydrocarbon.”

John: “Hydrocrack.”

Jim: “Hydrodynamic.”

Joe: “Hydroelectric.”

John: “Hydro-and-Low.”

Jim: “Hydro-and-Seek.”

Arnold: fell down. One of the brothers picked me up, dusted me off and then kneed me in the balls. I fell down again, holding my tender crotch, and tried not to scream. The Andruss brothers laughed and walked away. Oh, by the way, did I mention that the Andruss triplets are 30 years old? What kind of men beat up a 14-year-old boy? Major-league assholes. I was lying on the ground, holding my nuts as tenderly as a squirrel holds his nuts….. 

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