House Project Blog Post #3 (Forgot to Post so here it is)


This is the overall view of our house/bunker. In it, it contains a bathroom, bedroom and a living room.



This room is the bathroom. The circuit on the right is the circuit we used in this room.


This is the bedroom. The circuit on the right is the circuit we used for this room.




This is the living room. The 2 circuits on the right are the circuits we used for this room.


One problem we had while building our house was that the wires on the switches were to short so we ended up not putting them in the house :/



House Project (Tue-Fri) Blog Post #2


Today, me and my partner finished designing our drafts of our house and posted it on our Edublog, since it was a mandatory assignment. We planned out which circuit to start on and began searching for supplies during the last ten minutes of class.


Today, we started constructing our circuits for our house/bunker. After about 30 minutes of gathering supplies such as light bulbs and stripping a ton of wires, realized that all of the light bulbs don’t work, because they were all were out from previous use.  We found out that it was better to use the colored lights because they were in much better condition. We continued cutting wires and snipping out the correct light bulbs for the rest of the block.


When me and my partner thought we had enough supplies, we began to construct our circuits. I constructed the circuits with all the parts while my partner made the cardboard house where we could the finished products into. One problem we had during this day was that most of the batteries that we used were out of power,  so we had to borrow a battery from another group.



Today, I continued constructing the circuits while my partner worked his Edublog Assignment and he occasionally went to grab some tools for me (wires, duct tape, etc.). In the end, we finished 2 rooms, but one room wouldn’t light up correctly due to an unknown problem. I think it could have been that some of the wires we taped up to each other weren’t touching.


Building/Bunker Project Room #1/4 & 2/4 (Room 3 & 4 at Blog Post #1

I chose to build this circuit because it can be either a parallel – series circuit or just a series circuit. By using the switch on the top left, it allows you to make the circuit a series circuit. By using the 2 switches in the middle, you create a parallel series circuit. If you want the 2 switches on, the lightbulbs in the middle will be dimmer than the ones on the left side on the screen. If you only want 1 lightbulb on, you open one switch in the middle and close the other one which makes the one in the middle the same brightness as the ones on the left side of the screen.

I chose to build this parallel circuit because it creates the most light out of the whole rooms. By making this circuit a parallel circuit, all of the light bulbs have the same amount of voltage, therefore meaning all have the same brightness. None of the lightbulbs are brighter than one another. It’s basically the same as putting 1 lightbulb with a 9 volt battery in a circuit x5 (Subtract the 5 9V Batteries).

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