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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein

I chose this quote because of 2 reasons. 1) I am really fond of Albert Einstein and I am really interested in work throughout his career. As a person who is interested in math, he has been a big inspiration for me. My 2nd reason of why I chose this quote was because the quote has a lot of meaning to me. Before, I was afraid of making mistakes and I still am now but I realised that if I never made any mistakes, I would learn anything new.

I chose this Video for my favorite YouTube Clip because 1st of all, its really funny to see people failing and 2nd of all, it reminds me that you should never give up till the end. If you celebrate too early or assume that it’s already over, as you see in the video, something bad could happen and mess you up. You should never give up till the end.

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I chose this picture of a Hershey’s chocolate kiss because I really like chocolate and I really like sweet things. Hershey’s is one of my most favorite chocolate company’s and I think that they have the best quality chocolate in the world.

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I chose YouTube for my hyperlink because that is where I get most of my entertainment from. I spend a couple hours a day watching things on YouTube and I think it’s very captivating and fascinating how you can watch other people all around the world. Also, that is where I get most of my news from.

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