Electric House 2

On the second day we did a lot of the building work like putting pillars under the lid to make the second floor and cutting out all our walls. One of my group members took the walls home and painted them. We made a lot of progress that day and we were feeling really good about our project as a whole, but we were also a little worried about how time consuming it was posing to be.

Electric House 1

At the end of the first day we were feeling really good. We had already almost finished our phet lab and floor plan. We wanted to do 2 floors in the house with one parallel circuit and 3 series circuits. We also decided who was bringing which supplies and the plan for the next day. We chose to do a parallel circuit in the dining room and kitchen because we tried to do an open concept floor plan and parallel circuits are brighter and that room was the biggest and so we wanted the brighter circuit to be there to fulfill the criteria. In the rest of the rooms we did series circuits. In the master bedroom we added an ensuite bathroom + walk in closet and we put a light in each room. We had a series circuit in the living room and the other bedroom and bathroom.

English Comic Strip Reflection

a. The message is that our actions have consequences in the future and we can’t do something without it having repercussions.

b. It was supposed to cause emotions of concern and/or worry, also the outcome to have people be more wary of their actions.

c. There’s a bit of a bias in the fact that I’m showing a very dire circumstance of this message and not our everyday problems.

d. It’s effective because it shows a lot of visual stimulation which makes you more easily invested in the plot/characters.

e. It’s ineffective because there are very minimal words used so you can’t really describe things, you need to show them visually.

f. I think that if shot and edited right, a short film or video could be a very effective medium for this project.