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I’m a 9th grader at Charles Best high school, fond of reading and outdoor activities like mountain biking and whitewater kayaking. I also play basketball casually, and enjoy reading a lot. Did I mention I like reading?


"Learning never exhausts the mind"

-Leonardo Da Vinci

I chose this quote because I feel it communicates well the fact that unlike most other muscles, no matter how much you use the brain it can keep on going and never become bored or tired. Or, in summary no matter how much you know you will always have morel to learn.


I chose this image because it shows my aptitude for reading books. Ever since I was young I’ve enjoyed reading a lot, and I’ve become very proficient. I think this image shows well that even from a young age reading was one of my passions.



This program is really good for people just starting out with coding, and can be used to make your first fun enjoyable games. I would definitely recommend this for anyone interested in learning, it’s great!


My family has always been an outdoor family, and I really enjoy doing things like skiing, kayaking and mountain biking. This is a short video of not long after I got my own whitewater kayak from my dad, and since then I’ve definitely improved! I think this video shows well how much I enjoy doing stuff outside.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Cole,

    Please only use your first name in your post. Also, there are several items missing in your post.
    Please let me know once you revise the post so I can change your grade.
    Feel free to visit me at the tech center if you have any questions.

  2. Hi Cole, it’s Bobby. I think I’ve found your blog, but if you’re just a different person named Cole, please tell me where to find my friend Cole.

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