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“Power tends to currrupt, and absulute power currupts absolutely.”

-Lord Acton

I like this quote because it is true, and evident throughout history. It is also important, showing that all humans are selfish and will do things or themselves if given the chance. even people with good intentions, given enogh power will become currupt.


I chose this video because it is the hardest accomplishment I have achieved in the game geometry dash. It is a memory level requiring exact memory about where to jump in the level. The level took 4 months to learn practice and complete.


I chose this photo because potatoes are an ongoing joke, with me and my friends. It started when we were naming fruit and vegetables. and I kept saying potato. I then started saying it randomly everywhere.


I chose this website because I spend most of my time on the internet there. I have watched a lot of videos and even have my own channel. I follow a lot of people and watch the videos they produce.

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  1. Hi Cole,

    This is a much better post.
    Good work!

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