My Employability Skills – A Reflection

Written Version :


The skills I have and used in this activity were communication in this activity because I talked to my peers on strategies to untangle ourselves, time management because we quickly untangle our hands and used our time wisely without goofing off too much and teamwork because our group had to work together to untangle ourselves. I was also able to accept and integrate criticism and feedback because whenever I proposed an idea, I was open to listening to other people’s opinions on it and was open to collaboration to improve my idea or plan. I also helped improve other people’s plans by giving feedback on how it should be improved or done differently. I was also very enthusiastic and had a positive attitude towards all the activities and was open to new experiences and was respectful and kind to the others around me and I would say that enthusiasm and attitude were one of my strengths during the activity.


Skills I should put more effort into improving are professionalism and something I could do to improve this skill is trying to focus more on the activity and instructions given and less to what my friends are saying or the things that are happening around me. I should also try to improve my integrity skill because when someone proposed a plan that I had a feeling wasn’t right, I sometimes didn’t say anything and the plan went horribly wrong so next time what I will do to improve this skill is to try to speak my mind and be more honest every time I feel like a plan won’t work out. The final skill I should improve is my adaptability skill, because sometimes when something changed in the activity, I was a little confused at first and had to ask someone to explain the activity again so that I could understand, so next time to improve my adaptability skill I will be more alert to Changement and listen more carefully to instructions to be more prepared.

Final Assignment – What I’m proud of…

In my grade 9 year, I learned many new skills and developed my past skills further. One accomplishment I am proud of this year is my large charcoal drawing project in Visual Arts 9. I was never familiar with using charcoal in my drawings in the past and I’m glad I got to experience this new medium because it has become one of my favorite mediums to work with in art. I love how it’s a very challenging material to work with for small drawing, which forces me to draw bigger which I enjoy very much because it’s a lot of fun and I can express a lot more in my art. It was fun to work on such a big drawing because I had never drawn anything this big, and I am very proud and happy I had the opportunity to do so. I also enjoyed learning to improve my overall drawing skills in this project because I took my time with the details and shading in the face and I learned more about the anatomy and proportions in a face as well. It also taught me to be less dependent on what I’m drawing and to try to personalize the drawing itself to give myself a style in my art and drawings. I am very proud and happy with the end result of the drawing. I had a lot of fun in this class, learned a lot, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to do so.

Blog Post #2: The Building Process

Entry 1, 2019-01-9: Today, I reviewed my diagrams and started to decide what I would build first and how I would execute my plans, I started by gathering my materials, which I didn’t realize would take the whole class time and that I wouldn’t be able to use my time in class on starting to build. I had to test out all the light bulbs which took a while because I needed ten and by the end of the day I only had four. I gathered the rest of my materials but tomorrow I will find all my bulbs and hopefully, I will have time to build.

Entry 2, 2018-01-10:

Today, I got all my bulbs and materials and started to build my house. I worked on it in class but only got half a circuit completed so then I had to take my project home if I want to finish my project by tomorrow, at home I finished wiring the circuit I started to wire at school, but then I realized that I had wired the circuit wrong and the battery was facing the wrong direction, so I had to restart my project which took a bit of time. I also didn’t have wire stripers so I had to improvise and use wire cutters instead to cut the plastic around the wire. After about 5-8 hours of work, I finished all of my circuits except one because one of the bulbs blew out and I had to throw the bulb out. I also forgot to get a fourth battery connector so I wasn’t able to connect the wires in the circuit with the battery to test it out, but I found some electrical tape in my house and used it to connect my wires. Overall, it was an okay day today and got most of the work done. Tomorrow, I will finish my last circuit and decorate the outside of the house to make it look more put together. I will also write my reflection and hand everything in.

Entry 3, 2018-01-11:

Today, I finished wiring my last circuit, but one of the bulbs blew out so half of my parallel circuit worked and half of it didn’t. Ms. Stuart said it was alright so I proceeded to film my video. I filmed the video showing off all my rooms and the types of circuits they are wired with. When I finished my video, I was going to take a picture with all the circuits lit, but then I learned that another’s rooms bulbs had blown out, so I just took a picture of what bulbs were left of my house project. My project was correctly wired and pretty successful other the bulbs that blew out, and if I had more time to work on the project I probably would have replaced the blubs, but I’m still proud of the work I completed. I also finished writing my reflection and posting everything on my EduBlog.

Blog Post #1: Design and Rationale

I chose to wire the kitchen, dining room, main bedroom and office with a parallel circuit because I think it would be best to have those rooms have the more light, considering those places in the house have the most electronics in them and if they were connected to the circuit, they would still work even if the other elements connected to the circuit were shut off or if one of the appliances were to break. I also to have a parallel circuit in these rooms because they are very large, and if it were wired in series if a bulb were to shut off, the whole room would be in darkness and it would be very hard to navigate around considering the dining room area would be where you would enter. I chose to have series circuits is the living room and bathroom because they are smaller spaces and if one bulb were to burn out it would be easy to replace because you’d be able to navigate around the room easier considering it is a small room. I also don’t think you need much light in those rooms as well because electronics aren’t very common in those rooms, and even if they were it would only be one of two and not a bunch connected to the same circuit at once so there would be a less chance of things burning out of having to be shut off.

For the layout of the house, I decided to have the kitchen and dining area be separated from each other, followed by a living room and a bathroom where you can enter through the living room or dining room, where you can then proceed to the main bedroom and then the office which you can also enter through the living room.

In the second hand drawn a drawing, the walls of the house are indicated where they will be placed and where they will stop. My circuits in my house are all running counterclockwise

True Diary Video

Entry 1, 2018-12-10:

Alison and I have started our video project by planning out our plot and how the video will look, we’ve decided what character we will play and what characters we need other actors for, we’ve also decided that we will use our dogs for some of the characters in the video. Alison will be playing Arnold, Arnolds Dad, her dog will be Penelope and I will be Rowdy, Gordy, Roger, Grandmother Spirit, and Eugene. We might change the characters up a bit so we are being flexible with that part. We have started to write our script and have decided all our elements of plot and decide where and when we will film the video. The next thing we need to do is shoot the video in the upcoming days and edit the clips. We also need to figure out our camera angles but we will figure that out along the way. We are communicating outside of school by emailing each other and giving each other tips on what to do for each other’s parts. We are also presenting ideas to each other and enhancing them so we get the best quality of work we can get.

Entry 2, 2018-12-11:

Alison and I have decided we will film mostly all the scenes tomorrow, record our voiceovers and work on our script a bit together in class. Once we have those things done, if we are missing any clips or forgot anything extra we will film it on Thursday. We will have time to look over the rubrics as well to ensure that we aren’t missing anything. Hopefully, we will have all our elements ready for Friday so we can start editing the movie. We collaborated a bit in class on the structure of the script as well.

Entry 3, 2018-12-12:

Today, Alison and I completed our script and started filming our video. We finished most of the scenes in the initiating event, one or two in the rising action and a few in the introduction. While we were filming the introduction, Alison couldn’t say her line that was “too much cerebral spinal fluid”, so that took a few tries:

I also couldn’t stay in character as well so that wasn’t very good because we were reshooting scenes which took some time and by the time we finished it became dark at 4:00 so we couldn’t film any of the outside scenes because the lighting would have been bad. I also forgot my charger so my phone was dying and at 4% so we couldn’t film anymore.

Tomorrow, we are going to get more accessories, costumes, and props for when we film and hopefully, we will finish filming all our scenes so we can start editing on Friday. I’ll also remember to bring my charger.

Entry 4, 2018-12-13:

I forgot my phone today, so my mom gave me her phone so that I could film during lunch and after school. Alison and I finished filming our introduction and we are halfway done our scenes for the initiating event. I started editing the intro and we so far have 20 seconds of content. Also, we brought more costumes so that was helpful for us because the video now looks more professional and well put together. It also started raining so it was hard to film some of the scenes. What we are going to do tomorrow is finish filming the initiating event and I’ll bring my phone this time and hopefully, it won’t rain tomorrow. We will also finish filming all of the voiceovers and ill add the clips into my editing video project on OpenShot so that I can edit the video some more. Here are some bloopers from today’s filming session :

Entry 5, 2018-12-14:

Today, we finished filming our initiating event. It wasn’t raining so we also decided to film some of our rising action scenes, all the scenes for our climax, and falling action. Everything went pretty smoothly and we didn’t have to refill many of the scenes, but some we had to because we kept laughing or the people around us were talking too loud and you couldn’t hear what we were saying. Alison also almost got hit by a car because she was running in the parking lot and a teacher’s car drove into the parking lot, but she quickly moved out of the way and everyone was safe. Tomorrow I am going over to Alison’s house to film the scenes with her dog as Penelope and we will also finish filming most of our rising action scenes and I will continue to edit.

Entry 6, 2018-12-15:

We finished filming most of our rising action scenes today, but it got dark very early so we had to film and do the rest of the scenes inside with light. Alison’s dog wasn’t a fan of the costumes at first but he got comfortable with it after a while. We were also finished filming any scenes we forgot from the day before, so I think we have completed filming all of our scenes so we are making good progress with this project. Tomorrow, I will finish most of the editing and add all the clips we filmed from today and yesterday.

Entry 7, 2018-12-16:

Today, I edited most of the clips into the video and added all the music and sound effects we need to make the video look professional. I didn’t do much else on the project considering we are almost done and it’s the weekend so I didn’t have much time to work on it because I had other commitments. Tomorrow we are going to finish filming all of the voiceovers and all the scenes we might have forgotten to film.

Entry 8, 2018-12-17:

On Monday we filmed a few voiceovers in English class and I showed Alison what I edited. We discussed what was already completed and what was still needed. Tomorrow we will finish filming the scenes and voiceovers that we are missing. I will also continue editing.

Entry 9, 2018-12-18:

Today, we filmed our remaining scenes and voice-overs that we had time to film in class. We also made a list of the things we still have to add to the video. Tomorrow, I will continue filming and we will shoot anymore remaining scenes and voice overs we need to complete.

Entry 10, 2018-12-19:

Today, we filmed our remaining scenes. I also finished editing and writing my core competencies paragraph. Tomorrow, we are presenting first in front of the whole class, and hopefully, our video will be entertaining for the class.