My Employability Skills – A Reflection

Written Version :


The skills I have and used in this activity were communication in this activity because I talked to my peers on strategies to untangle ourselves, time management because we quickly untangle our hands and used our time wisely without goofing off too much and teamwork because our group had to work together to untangle ourselves. I was also able to accept and integrate criticism and feedback because whenever I proposed an idea, I was open to listening to other people’s opinions on it and was open to collaboration to improve my idea or plan. I also helped improve other people’s plans by giving feedback on how it should be improved or done differently. I was also very enthusiastic and had a positive attitude towards all the activities and was open to new experiences and was respectful and kind to the others around me and I would say that enthusiasm and attitude were one of my strengths during the activity.


Skills I should put more effort into improving are professionalism and something I could do to improve this skill is trying to focus more on the activity and instructions given and less to what my friends are saying or the things that are happening around me. I should also try to improve my integrity skill because when someone proposed a plan that I had a feeling wasn’t right, I sometimes didn’t say anything and the plan went horribly wrong so next time what I will do to improve this skill is to try to speak my mind and be more honest every time I feel like a plan won’t work out. The final skill I should improve is my adaptability skill, because sometimes when something changed in the activity, I was a little confused at first and had to ask someone to explain the activity again so that I could understand, so next time to improve my adaptability skill I will be more alert to Changement and listen more carefully to instructions to be more prepared.

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