Hello, my name is Christina, I’m 14 and I love painting and drawing, thrifting for new outfits and looks, developing my style, playing sports and hanging out with friends. In my free time, I like to play with my dog, go for walks in a park, listen to music and read books. I also love to travel as well and my favorite place I’ve been to has to hands down be New York or Paris. I’m excited to be at Best and see the new opportunities that will come my way. I can’t wait to experience new classes like Spanish and meet new friends. 🙂



“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” – Zane Hijazi

The reason this quote is so important to me is because it reminds me to, quite literally,  not make stupid decisions. Because if I were too not think through my decisions and not see how it might affect other people or my future, I’d get many unfortunate events and situations in my future. This quote also makes me laugh every time I hear or see it because of how comedic the person saying it is, and it brings me much joy and laughter.



The reason this video is so important to me is because it just puts a big smile on my face whenever I watch it, because it shows that with all the negativity in the world, they are moments like these ones when people from all different backgrounds come as one to do something small, but spectacular, even if that means just lip-syncing to a song. The message this video brings is so important because it shows how music can ease anything negative in the world and make it seem like the earth is the happiest place in the universe.

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The importance of this image to me is that it reminds me that in no matter what situation you’re in if you have the chance to help someone else in need of your help without endangering yourself, take that chance. Because if you do, that person will have trust in you and respect you and its important to do things for others once in a while so you can earn respect and trust from the ones you love. Without kindness towards others, you’ll start to lose the ones who have your back. That’s why doing things for others is very important.



Pinterest is great for everything and helps me stay creative, and come up with new ideas so I can stay on track with all my activities and school. It’s just amazing for everything from planning to arts and crafts. Its perfect for everything and everyone.