Blog #3 Tour of the Completed House


The reason we only showed our wiring to the house and not the actual house was because we had a lot of problems that had to do with our lights, batteries, and wires. The wiring was really fragile so if we moved it a lot the wires would come apart. Also, the wires that Mr. Raabe let us borrow were very long and there was too many to fit inside the box without it looking like a complete mess.

Some bulbs have different power ratings, the higher the power rating the brighter the bulb. In a parallel circuit with multiple lights, the way you can make one of them duller than the others is by adding a resistor in order to drop the voltage across the light bulb.


Core competency self-assessment:

This project helped me communicate better because, it was a group project so we have to work together, and you can’t work together without communicating. I think I improved at sharing what I thought about something or sharing my ideas. I think I could further develop my communication competency by asking questions and speaking up in class more frequently.

I think I have definitely strengthened my thinking competency because this project required a lot patience because the circuits kept breaking and bulbs stopped working along with the batteries running out of power. So we had to learn from our mistakes and think about how to improve our circuits. What also helped me improve my thinking competency was the fact that we had to think about and create a house design. Also, this project gave me a better understanding of how the technology around me works.  I think I could further improve my thinking competency by thinking and planning things out more before actually starting them to ensure that I have enough time to finish them

I’ve never had much of a problem socializing I think I’ve always been quite social but none the less I think this helped me improve my social competency because we had to talk together and we also had to ask some questions when we were confused or needed help which I think helped me.

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