Blog Post #2 The Building Process

Day 1: We hadn’t started until the end of class because we were trying to figure out how to upload our pictures of phet onto my blog but we were having a lot of difficulties.

Day 2: I was sick that day so it was Lydia doing it and she said that she started by making our good copy of the house diagram drawing and drawing where the rooms are onto our box. She also said it took a long time trying to find batteries that worked along with lights that were working as well.

Day: 3 We were thinking it was going to have to be very rushed because I missed a day and we had had a couple technical problems so we really only had one day to build the circuits. We were thinking that we would glue the circuits right on to the box. So the first thing we did was poke the holes for the lights to stick through. We had tested all our lights and they were all working. We were making the circuits on the box and we were really struggling because the wires kept moving and so the light would stop working. Lydia was working on our bedrooms parallel circuit while I was working on the bathroom series circuit. I had finished the series circuit so I was trying to help Lydia with the parallel because it’s a lot harder.  When we finally finished our first parallel circuit, we tested it out and for some reason, both the lights weren’t working even though they were working before. We got a machine that detects voltage and it showed all the wires had voltage except for the lights so we had to restart the circuit. We started to make the other parallel circuit for the kitchen and we accidentally made a short circuit and we burned out the battery.Mr. Raabe let us use some new lights, a  battery, and some wire so we could redo our first parallel circuit. We finally finished the first parallel circuit.

Day 4: After we finished the first parallel circuit we moved on to the next one and pretty soon we finished it.

here’s a picture of our bedrooms parallel circuit


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